More Hot Tips for Earning Money Online

Do you need a weekly paycheck to earn a living? You might be surprised at the number of ways you can earn money online without being on any company’s payroll. Here are some of the best ways:


  1. Affiliate marking

If you have a blog/website or have average skills with social media, then you can start earning money by promoting various companies, brands, offers, products, and services online.

Just sign up at Affiliate Window or another affiliate network. Then check the offers blog or take some time to browse the merchant listing to find something either you or your friends would want to buy. Then share your affiliate link. If someone purchases within 90 days using the link, you’ll get a solid commission.

You can take another step to earning more. Read a guide on how to set up a website or a topical Facebook page. Then invite your friends to join and post affiliate offers on the page.

  1. Fiverr

This is the world’s biggest marketplace for making money by selling services called “gigs.”

You could offer just about any service, such as writing, pranks, or teaching music.

$5 is the default price. However, you can also add extra services to Fiverr gigs to boost that figure.


  1. Deliver stuff

If you have a bike, motorcycle? If you have one of them as well as a smartphone, then you can start earning money as a delivery driver. This is a great way to earn some money during your spare time.

Look for delivery specialists that are always looking for new riders. This allows you to work flexible hours and whenever you want. Your job is to deliver stuff such as food from restaurants. This job can earn you up to 16 pounds per hour.

Do you want to double-down on your opportunities? You could contact local restaurants with delivery services and find out if they have any delivery jobs that need to be filled. This could allow you to maximize your earnings from delivering.


  1. Get shopping cash-back

This not only can help you make money but if you’re a student, you can also save money. Consider that you’re making money with purchases that aren’t ones you wouldn’t make in the first place. Any cashback amount will be a plus for you.

There are many cash-back sites you can find. They pay your commission that they would have normally collected.

You should consider free sites that are free and provide the best selections of exclusives and retailers.


  1. ‘Clickworker.’

What’s this about? The idea is based on Internet crowdsourcing where companies advertise tasks they must complete quickly. This is an easy way to make some quick cash from home

There are several tasks, but they typically involve data entry, form filling, or web research. You’re paid in cash for any work you do. You can also select the type the work you do and when you do it. Check it out! If you’re US-based, you can also try out Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

Can You Earn a Living Playing Video Games?

Are you a fan of video games? Whether it’s for PS4, Xbox One, or Wii U, not only can you have tons of fun playing the games, but there’s also the opportunity to earn money in events such as tournaments. Still, can you win enough money from them to earn a living? Here are some of the best ways:


  1. Let’s Play Videos

If you play tons of games, you could record “Let’s Play Videos” then post them on YouTube. You can then monetize the video by earning money when people watch it. The process is more complex than it sounds, but you can get some help from YouTube’s help pages.


  1. eSport Tournaments

If you’re a highly-skilled gamer, this is an excellent way to use your skills to earn cash. “eSports” refers to games played a professional/tournament level. It’s possible for the prize money of one event to be worth $1 million or even more. It should be noted that there aren’t many gamers who make money playing at tournaments, and are dedicated and skilled players.

Professional gamers can also earn money by securing sponsors like sneaker deals. Companies that have sponsored pro gamers include Intel.


  1. Share know-how

If you’re an expert at a particular game such as “World of Warcraft,” you can earn money by sharing your knowledge. For example, you can share your know-how by writing an e-book for certain sites. You can then try to sell the electronic books on Amazon or your site.


  1. Gold/Farm Items

Gold farming has been around for a long time. If you’re a gamer who played many multiplayer games online like “War of Craft” you’ve probably noticed spanners who advertise in-game for such RGP titles.

In-game item selling has also existed for quite a long time. “Diablo 2” included an ecosystem of black market-like websites where players were able to sell items to other players for money.

“Diablo 3” saw the selling of in-game items becoming mainstream. Instead of being something that could get gamers banned, the selling of virtual items and currencies were integrated into the video game. It wasn’t just permitted but encouraged. It should be noted that Blizzard gets $1 from each sale and 15% when cashed out through PayPal, so the developer is getting something out of the deal.

One Reddit user has claimed he’s made more than $10,000 from the “Diablo III” auction house and has posted screenshots from his PayPal account. It remains to be seen if real money auction houses will trend in the future, but prices have been dropping from their highs.


  1. Game Tester

Instead of just playing games, why not test them to earn some extra cash? Big video game companies hire game testers. They test games that are in their development stage, then report any problems or bugs they find.

This job is also called “play testing.” This money-making task provides various benefits with the main one getting a chance to play a new video game title before anyone else does.

Can You Earn a Living Playing Poker?

Are you a fan of online poker? While it’s been a popular gambling card game for quite a while events such as the World Series of Poker, have put the game front and center. Some poker players are so good that they’ve become professional players. However, the question is: how practical is it to earn a living playing poker?

It’s becoming tougher for people to earn a living playing poker. For example, online poker is dealing with various issues involving local and national authorities. There also have been various legal issues over the year. The result is that casual players are now more hesitant to deposit money and playing online poker, which affects the player pool.

How about live poker? It isn’t much better. The fields are now full of experienced players, the rake is increasing, and tournament structures are being changed.

So the bottom line is whether it’s possible for people to earn a living by playing poker? Technically the short answer is: yes. In 2017 it’s possible to earn a living by playing poker professionally. In fact, many players are doing that. The first step – especially if you live in the USA is: find a good real money online casino that accepts USA players.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s a lot tougher than it was in the past. You must stay focused and avoid pitfalls that wouldn’t have been as devastating in the past. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Be realistic about your abilities

It’s important to be realistic about your abilities. If you’re a tournament player either (online or alive), make sure that you’re keeping your abilities in mind.

Many players at each level of poker playing are likely playing tournaments where they’re not big favorites they believe they are. Truth be told, some poker players are in tournaments they shouldn’t be in due to their skill levels.

You should be honest regarding tournaments about your skills. There are so many choices today regarding online poker that you can find the best choice regarding poker games.

Cash players have to deal with various problems.

  1. Play on fewer tables

Several years ago, it was practical to play at several online poker tables. You could use strategy and charts to produce the best results.

During that time it was easy to break even since many take-back payments would then follow. It was possible for players to get about 90% take-back and live off that amount each month if they had enough hands in. The situation has changed. Today sites are becoming stingier with take-back as well as bonuses.
What’s the solution? It’s advisable to play on fewer tables. Focus on your games at fewer tables, take notes, etc. This will help you to perform better at fewer tables. Regarding the short-term your hourly rate will probably be lower.

However, taking this approach would let you move up the stakes faster. That will make up for lower hourly.

These are some of the key issues to consider when deciding whether or not to quit your day job and become a pro poker player.

How to Make a Living as an Online Freelancer

Are you looking for a way to earn a living without a weekly paycheck? One way is as an online freelancer. This gives you the ability to earn money using a channel that half the world can access, but also ditch the restrictions caused by working for another company. Here are some ideas for earning money as a web-based freelancer:


  1. Writing jobs

There are tons of online freelance jobs that include a wide array of different jobs. Some include eBooks, blogging, and others. There’s usually a fixed rate per word. So it’s all about choosing your output to earn a good salary. In fact, many people are quitting their 9-to-5 jobs to become freelance writers, due to factors such as the greater flexibility.


  1. Sales/Marketing Jobs

The Internet has changed the way sales/marketing are done Today there are various channels including e-mail, mobile, social, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, and so on.

There are some common models including business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C). In these cases, the online workers are paid based on their sales.

Another model is based on lead generation. For example, a client pays $X for every lead you generate. Sometimes there’s a bonus if the lead generated becomes a sale. In fact, today’s companies often take steps to improve their conversion rates that are related to the percentage of leads that eventually become sales.


  1. Social Media Jobs

Social media has become as impactful in the Digital Age as e-mail was in the 90s. This can involve all sorts of jobs such as social marketing optimization, personal/digital assistant, article writing, social media management, blogging, and so on.

The number of social media users continues to skyrocket. Some of the most popular ones include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. Facebook alone has over 1.8 billion monthly active users. That’s about one-quarter of the world’s population.

Today’s online companies use social for a wide variety of functions, and it’s an excellent way to find your company’s niche market.


  1. Administrative jobs

You don’t have to work in a brick-and-mortar office to land an administrative job. For example, a lot of busy people are now hiring a Human virtual assistant for tasks Amazon’s Alexa can’t handle. The pay structure is usually a weekly rate for X numbers of hours doing administrative work.

Data entry is another very popular freelance admin job. Their job typically is a fixed rate per entry gig. For example, you might get 10 cents per lead that are entered into a database.

  1. Design jobs

This can involve infographics, logos, Facebook cover photos, etc. the work often requires multiple revisions, so the employer is sometimes billed an hourly rate.


  1. Technical jobs

These jobs tend to require a strong understanding programming. They include the development of databases, mobile apps, and e-commerce platforms. These projects tend to take longer to finish, and might involve collaboration with other team members.

As a result, this type of work is often paid on contract. There’s often a fixed rate per week until the project is completed or when particular milestones are reached.

Hot Tips for Making Money Online

Can you earn a living without having a job? You might be surprised that there are several ways you can do that. For example, there are several ways you can use the Internet to make money even if you don’t get a paycheck every week. Here are some of the top ways:


  1. New website

Launching a new website is a great way to start earning money. You can start a new website in less than 20 minutes. Not only that, but it has a low cost and is quite simple.

Social media has made it easier than ever to find your first visitors besides your family and friends, of course. There are several ways you can make money from your site.

There are several online resources to get you started with your website. This will make the process easier and maximize your profits, which is the name of the game.


  1. Web searching

This isprobably you do just about every day, so why not make some money doing it? This is an easy yet effective way to earn money online, and you don’t have to do much to change your everyday browsing. rewards people for search Google, Yahoo, or Bing. All you have to do is install a basic add-on to the web browser. Then when you do a search, there are a couple sponsored results besides your regular search.

Each of the Omee results contains a cash reward that’s attached. If you’re interested, you just click on it and collect the reward. A big plus is that there’s no minimum for your cash out. For example, you could withdraw 10 cents from your PayPal account. There’s also the option to donate the money to charity.

Signing up is free, and you can quickly start earning money from your web searches.


  1. Matched betting

What’s _no-risk) matched betting all about? This is one of the fastest ways you can make money online. Not only that, but it’s free, legal, tax-free, and easy as 1-2-3.

Here’s how it works. It takes advantage of free bets that online betting sites offer by “matching” them at the betting exchange. This ends the risk since you’re betting for as well as against a particular outcome.

This lets you use the free bet, which can be up to 200 pounds. Then multiply that figure by the number of sites you’re working with. This can give you the chance to earn a couple of hundred pounds.

You can find online guides about how to do matched betting, so you’ll quickly be on your way to turning a profit.


  1. Disney ‘vault.’

This is yet another way you can earn money without having a full-time job. Here’s how it works. Disney limits the supply of classic videos for home releases. They’re in the “vault” for up to a decade before they’re released for a short time.

If you buy them within this window at retail prices, you can turn a profit when they’re on sale for about a decade.

Professional Poker Playing Comes With Pros And Cons

There are various ways to partake in the wonderful past time of the game poker. There are casinos, online games, smart device applications, and tournaments to enjoy this incredibly popular game. Some people choose to play poker because of the entertainment aspect of it. Some families play with things like crackers or candy. However, there are people who take it much more seriously than that. There are professional poker players who earn a living off of the game. What we would like to find out is how they do this and how they successfully support themselves as well as their families. Let’s look into why this concept exists and how it is so

Professional poker playing comes with pros and cons. It is simple to see that playing poker professionally is not an activity that is right for everyone. Small amounts of people have the attention span and passion to continue playing and take it as seriously as the professionals do. There are specific skills that one needs as well as a set of characteristics that one must possess.

The first quality and possibly most important is having endurance. The first thing an aspiring professional poker player will need to understand is that when you are just starting out as a beginner, you will likely be awful. And this could last for a very long time before you see any results or glimmers of progress. The feeling of winning, however, is incredible. Knowing that you can win a full year’s worth of groceries in just a few hours is thrilling. The attention to detail is incredible because you study your own forms and habits of playing and then you study those who you play with as well. The game requires patience and concentration. This is where the endurance comes in because you need to practice patience and concentration for hours.

Another quality that one needs is flexibility. Poker does change consistently. You need to be able to adjust to how the game curves over time if you are looking to play professionally and long term. You may believe that you are a poker master and it is okay to be confident. Just know that there are tons of others out there who feel the same way and are just as confident as you. In some cases, they are more experienced. Which brings us to our next important quality- level-headedness. When you lose big time, you feel incredibly defeated because you have just seen a grand sum of money walk out of your hands. In some cases, people can’t handle losing. This goes far past being a sore loser because you are losing something tangible such as money. When you lose a sporting event you just lose the game. You are not betting on anything. The next quality is having creativity. You need to be able to understand that people will try to predict what you are going to do and what moves you are going to make. You will need to be steps ahead of them and get creative. This comes with practice and a decent amount of experience.

Professionals who have discussed the lifestyle of earning a living off of playing poker express that the job does have many up sides including the job flexibility, free time, earnings that stretch to six figures, and of course the obvious satisfaction that comes with winning. There are downsides to this lifestyle, however. Many professionals have trouble managing their money. They have difficult times relating to their friends with other jobs. It is possible to earn a living off of playing poker.

Text messages are the new pink slips, which are the new black

The layoff confrontation is difficult for everyone. There’s something utterly humiliating about trying to fight back tears while someone from HR talks you through severance paperwork. Or in my case, sobbing uncontrollably while they hand you tissues. It can’t be pleasant for middle management either. After all, sometimes they are just the messenger.

Yes, it is an awkward conversation. And there really isn’t a nice way to do it. But when it comes to poorly managed downsizing, cyber-firing definitely takes the cake.

So imagine my horror at finding out that a friend of mine in the UK was recently laid off – get this – by SMS! WTF? A phone call is bad enough. A letter or email is pushing it. A text message is inhumane. Looks like he’s back to trying to avoid dying in a gutter playing online slot machines on his computer – while he can still afford the internet. Risk of ruin is not just a theoretical concept at this point in the game.

I’d never heard of anything like this before. A quick Google search, however, uncovered several instances of this practice, mostly outside of the US. Even dating as far back as 2002, unsuspecting employees in places like the UK and Canada have been receiving rude awakenings on their handsets.

To me, it seems like a practice that is not just insensitive – it’s also kind of risky. Text messages are not fool proof. I can’t tell you how many times my own have been lost in the ether (almost as many times as I claim they have). What if the message never gets through, and the person shows up to work the following day?

“Didn’t you get my text message?”


“Oh. Well, you’ve been let go. Sorry.”

Talk about awkward.

The only reasons for a company to do such a thing – the only reasons I can think of anyway – are efficiency and cowardice. I guess laying off 400+ employees face-to-face is a lot of work. I know you’ve probably had it with the relationship analogies, but please, indulge me one last time – it’s sort of like breaking up with someone via text message. Sure, it’s more efficient, and eliminates the inevitable awkwardness. But could you live with yourself afterward? Probably not. Clearly, some upper managers have less of a conscience.

I guess I should be grateful that no matter how terrible my layoff experience was, my managers were at least kind enough to humor me with an explanation, and to pass me the box of Kleenex.