Can You Earn a Living Playing Video Games?

Are you a fan of video games? Whether it’s for PS4, Xbox One, or Wii U, not only can you have tons of fun playing the games, but there’s also the opportunity to earn money in events such as tournaments. Still, can you win enough money from them to earn a living? Here are some of the best ways:


  1. Let’s Play Videos

If you play tons of games, you could record “Let’s Play Videos” then post them on YouTube. You can then monetize the video by earning money when people watch it. The process is more complex than it sounds, but you can get some help from YouTube’s help pages.


  1. eSport Tournaments

If you’re a highly-skilled gamer, this is an excellent way to use your skills to earn cash. “eSports” refers to games played a professional/tournament level. It’s possible for the prize money of one event to be worth $1 million or even more. It should be noted that there aren’t many gamers who make money playing at tournaments, and are dedicated and skilled players.

Professional gamers can also earn money by securing sponsors like sneaker deals. Companies that have sponsored pro gamers include Intel.


  1. Share know-how

If you’re an expert at a particular game such as “World of Warcraft,” you can earn money by sharing your knowledge. For example, you can share your know-how by writing an e-book for certain sites. You can then try to sell the electronic books on Amazon or your site.


  1. Gold/Farm Items

Gold farming has been around for a long time. If you’re a gamer who played many multiplayer games online like “War of Craft” you’ve probably noticed spanners who advertise in-game for such RGP titles.

In-game item selling has also existed for quite a long time. “Diablo 2” included an ecosystem of black market-like websites where players were able to sell items to other players for money.

“Diablo 3” saw the selling of in-game items becoming mainstream. Instead of being something that could get gamers banned, the selling of virtual items and currencies were integrated into the video game. It wasn’t just permitted but encouraged. It should be noted that Blizzard gets $1 from each sale and 15% when cashed out through PayPal, so the developer is getting something out of the deal.

One Reddit user has claimed he’s made more than $10,000 from the “Diablo III” auction house and has posted screenshots from his PayPal account. It remains to be seen if real money auction houses will trend in the future, but prices have been dropping from their highs.


  1. Game Tester

Instead of just playing games, why not test them to earn some extra cash? Big video game companies hire game testers. They test games that are in their development stage, then report any problems or bugs they find.

This job is also called “play testing.” This money-making task provides various benefits with the main one getting a chance to play a new video game title before anyone else does.