Can You Earn a Living Playing Poker?

Are you a fan of online poker? While it’s been a popular gambling card game for quite a while events such as the World Series of Poker, have put the game front and center. Some poker players are so good that they’ve become professional players. However, the question is: how practical is it to earn a living playing poker?

It’s becoming tougher for people to earn a living playing poker. For example, online poker is dealing with various issues involving local and national authorities. There also have been various legal issues over the year. The result is that casual players are now more hesitant to deposit money and playing online poker, which affects the player pool.

How about live poker? It isn’t much better. The fields are now full of experienced players, the rake is increasing, and tournament structures are being changed.

So the bottom line is whether it’s possible for people to earn a living by playing poker? Technically the short answer is: yes. In 2017 it’s possible to earn a living by playing poker professionally. In fact, many players are doing that. The first step – especially if you live in the USA is: find a good real money online casino that accepts USA players.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s a lot tougher than it was in the past. You must stay focused and avoid pitfalls that wouldn’t have been as devastating in the past. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Be realistic about your abilities

It’s important to be realistic about your abilities. If you’re a tournament player either (online or alive), make sure that you’re keeping your abilities in mind.

Many players at each level of poker playing are likely playing tournaments where they’re not big favorites they believe they are. Truth be told, some poker players are in tournaments they shouldn’t be in due to their skill levels.

You should be honest regarding tournaments about your skills. There are so many choices today regarding online poker that you can find the best choice regarding poker games.

Cash players have to deal with various problems.

  1. Play on fewer tables

Several years ago, it was practical to play at several online poker tables. You could use strategy and charts to produce the best results.

During that time it was easy to break even since many take-back payments would then follow. It was possible for players to get about 90% take-back and live off that amount each month if they had enough hands in. The situation has changed. Today sites are becoming stingier with take-back as well as bonuses.
What’s the solution? It’s advisable to play on fewer tables. Focus on your games at fewer tables, take notes, etc. This will help you to perform better at fewer tables. Regarding the short-term your hourly rate will probably be lower.

However, taking this approach would let you move up the stakes faster. That will make up for lower hourly.

These are some of the key issues to consider when deciding whether or not to quit your day job and become a pro poker player.